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Leon Piesowocki

Born in Poznan, Poland, on 9-12-1925 of a Polish mother and a German father. At the outbreak of the war, Poznan was annexed by the Third Reich. In July 1943 Piesowocki, having a German father (having been divorced from his mother for 13 years already) was drafted by force into the German Army and sent to the Italian front. There ultimately he managed to escape to the Allied side. He joined a Polish division which formed part of the 8th British Army, and later took part in the liberation of Bologna. Some months after the end of the war, he obtained a scholarship and a place at the Academy of Rome.

One year later, the allied soldiers had to leave Italy. The majority of the Poles of the 8th chose to emigrate to England. Piesowocki, after some difficulties, once again received a scholarship and could continue his studies: He was accepted at Sir John Cass of Art in London where he studied mainly graphics. In 1949, he gave up his studies out of pure boredom and established himself successfully as a free-lance commercial artist, with enough spare time to paint. He obtained Bristish nationality and married.

After 1968, his occupation was mainly printmaking, using different techniques for which he received several prices at various international Print Biennales. He has been living in Southern France since 1976. He has changed his style several times, but always retained his individuality. His latest graphic work is often provocative and controversial.

Between 1981 and 1991 he also worked as book illustrator, stage designer and creator of puppets for stagings of the frankfurter figurentheater. Passed away on 20-2-2024.


Academia, Rome
Sir John Cass College of Art, London


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